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Welcome on this site. We created this site, while we were searching for sheet music and information about music lessons. There are many sites offering free sheet music and online music lessons.

We started to create a list of weblinks with the most interesting sites we visited to find sheet music. Check the weblinks on this site, for example free piano sheet music. Check the blog archive for sheet music for populair artists, i.e. sheet music Adele, sheet music John Groban, but also piano sheet music Beethoven and much more.

Searching Free Sheet Music

If you are searching for free sheet music, try the search engine on this page:

Sheet music is a handwritten or printed form of music notation that uses modern musical symbols; like its analogs — books, pamphlets, etc. — the medium of sheet music typically is paper (or, in earlier times, parchment), although the access to musical notation in recent years also includes presentation on computer screens. Use of the term "sheet" is intended to differentiate written music from an audio presentation, as in a sound recording, broadcast or live performance, which may involve video as well. In everyday use, "sheet music" (or simply "music") can refer to the print publication of commercial music in conjunction with the release of a new film, show, record album, or other special or popular event which involves music.

Searching Free Music Lessons

If you are searching for free music lessons, check out this page:

Music lessons are a type of formal instruction in playing a musical instrument or singing. Typically, a student taking music lessons meets a music teacher for one-on-one training sessions ranging from 30 minutes to one hour in length over a period of weeks or years. For vocal lessons, teachers show students how to sit or stand and breathe, and how to position the head, chest, and mouth for good vocal tone. For instrument lessons, teachers show students how to sit or stand with the instrument, how to hold the instrument, and how to manipulate the fingers and other body parts to produce tones and sounds from the instrument. Music teachers also assign technical exercises, musical pieces, and other activities to help the students improve their musical skills. While most music lessons are one-on-one (private), some teachers also teach groups of two to four students (semi-private lessons), and, for very basic instruction, some instruments are taught in large group lessons, such as piano and acoustic guitar. Private lessons can also take place through live video chat using webcam and Videotelephony.

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