Saturday, February 23, 2013

Beck album on sheet music

The singer-songwriter Beck is the first major pop artist to release an album purely as sheet music.
Song Reader comprises 20 song booklets.
"[These songs], including two instrumentals, are as exciting as you'd expect from their author," says publisher Faber and Faber. "But...bringing them to life depends on you, the reader."
Eg White, songwriter who written music with Adele, Duffy, Pink, Will Young among artists, told the Today programme presenter Evan Davis that this form of releasing music is very rare among pop musicians: "We only use [sheet music] when we are writing string arrangements... and these days we use a computer anyway."
However he went on to argue that what Beck is doing "helps bring people together" as people are "listening to music more and more on their own".
Dan and Aurelie from the band Mayflys, perform one of the songs from Beck's album Song Reader.

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